Repeat Miscarriages

Just spreading the word around that a woman is writing a book to answer questions about why women miscarry. She says in her blog that she began this process because she couldn’t find a book that really explored this subject–why women miscarry, what they can do differently, what has worked, what doesn’t. She needs more stories of women who have miscarried, and what has helped them be able to get pregnant and carry their babies to term. Reading some blogs here on wordpress, I’ve come across so many other women’s blogs as they describe the heartache of yet another miscarriage. Many of these women are also struggling with infertility, and have had so many hopes dashed with becoming pregnant only to lose the baby. Although I’ve not had these struggles, I sympathize with them. This is my part to help them and all other women–spreading the word about this book-in-the-making. If you have had a miscarriage (even if you haven’t managed to carry a baby to term), I would encourage you to read this blog and see if you can contribute to the book, so that you or other women may one day be able to find answers.

As an aside, in reading through the Old Testament in our family Bible studies, I’ve noticed that one of the promises that God gives to Israel is that if they follow His Law, then they will not suffer from infertility or miscarriages. That might be a divine decree, but it might be a natural law based on their diet (“you are what you eat”; perhaps some meats are toxic in certain quantities or for some women/babies?; maybe eating more whole grains and vegetables?). If you suffer from infertility or miscarriages, then reading what the Jewish Law had to say about what foods to eat and which ones to avoid may provide you some help and hope. Try it–you have nothing to lose by altering your diet as you continue to try to have a baby.


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