The truth about Cesareans, in video

This video combines pictures and text to express the emotional and physical toll a C-section takes on a woman. It is not just another way of giving birth. We are all glad that C-sections exist when the life or health of mother or baby is at risk, but we are in the middle of a C-section epidemic in this country, with no appearance of it slowing down. In fact, one hospital in Michigan, set to open in a few years, is being built with several more operating rooms than is the current norm, in anticipation of a 50% C-section rate. Many hospitals and doctors now will not allow a VBAC as an option. When a C-section is truly necessary, no one complains. When a mom has what she feels to be an unnecessary C-section, many times she is scarred emotionally as well as physically.


2 Responses

  1. Hi! 🙂 Thanks for posting my video. I’m really enjoying your blog!!

  2. on June 2 2007 our 1st child was born by C-section she was breched and now were are baby number 2 and I want to do vbac and i cant find a dr that wants to do a vbac and i dont want another C-section and i found out that my obgyn could have tryed to turn my baby before my water broke but she didnt i asked her about that and she said that she will not try that and her best choice for me was a C-section and i tryed to get another dr but the hospital would not help and to this day it still hurts and things are diff between me and my child and i dont think it is right for dr to make us do things that we dont want

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